Event Chair
Marla L. McDermott
Founder and President
The Walnut Club

Marla is a community builder, business mentor and mindset coach  
Event Co-Chairs
Marla Katz
Owner, MBK Solutions, LLC​​​​​​​
VP, Communications
The Walnut Club
Marla is a Brand Marketing Consultant and helps clients gain visibility and exceed their marketing goals. Find out more at www.buildingcharacter.solutions​​​​​​​
Kathleen Kelly
Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams
VP, Events and Programming
The Walnut Club
Kathleen is a seasoned real estate agent with Keller Williams
Disclaimer: If you attend the event, you are granting permission to have your image and/or voice appear on film. All Ticket Sales Are Final. Contact us at Info@WalnutClub.org with any questions.